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"Having the Genium parts washer creates another set of hands to tidy up workspace and do the actual mechanical work while parts are cleaned automatically. Wish I'd bought one earlier! Great investment and good people to deal with."

Daniel Hawkins Martinborough Transport Vehicle Services

"This is a life saver for us - we previously spent hours cleaning engine parts. When we received this, I could not believe how quickly it took to clean our parts, and how they came out looking brand new! This machine has given us back the time that we needed."

Reon Taylor A-ONE AUTO PARTS Christchurch

"Our Genium parts washer has the dirtiest job in the MADLAB and has never failed us. We've had incredible results for prepping and cleaning all our engine parts, in fact anything we chuck at it. Genium just gets the job done!"

Mad Mike Whiddett International Drifting Champion, Hampton Downs

"We bought our Genium hotwash machine a year ago and have found it to be very valuable asset in our workshop. It does a very thorough job and all we have added is a couple of chip breakers to hold the smaller parts. Just set it and walk away; when you get your parts out, they are clean and dry. Good value for the cost compared to others we priced up before settling on the GENIUM."

Dayal Landy Gold Coast Mechanical Paraparaumu

"Our Our Genium machine has created a more time efficient workplace, along with making our jobs easier. I highly recommended getting one."

Chad Ace Ace Performance Palmerston North

"Our latest worker is our Genium parts washer. Investing in Genium means we get into all the nooks and crannies with ease and has cut down the time taken to clean parts ten-fold."

Bryce Dragt Heavy Diesel Maintenance Auckland

Genium Parts Washer Systems – A Kiwi Success

Genium Parts Washing Machines

Our industry proven parts washing machines are NZ made and available for outright purchase or lease!

We offer a range of options to fit your business.

Genium Parts Washers are tough, reliable and ready to work for you!

Get in touch with us to find out more.

Cost Savings of Automatic Parts Washing

Let’s run the numbers:

If one employee mechanic spends one hour per day cleaning parts:

Assuming your labour cost is $50 per hour including overheads – its probably more!

That’s 5 hours at $50 per hour which equals $250 per week, $1000 a month, $12,000 per year.

That’s just one mechanic costing you $12,000 per year… to wash parts- what if you have multiple staff doing the same? The savings could be multiplied.

Skilled staff are hard to find. They don’t want to be cleaning parts, and you shouldn’t be paying them to do it.

Double Bonus:

When your staff aren’t wasting time manually cleaning parts, they are focusing on chargeable jobs that actually make money while the Genium machine runs automatically!

Make your workshop process more efficient by investing in a Genium automatic parts washer.

The Many Benefits of Genium

Investing in one of our machines will be a wise decision. They’ve been proven to pay for themselves time and time again with the labour they save.

You can’t afford NOT to have one!

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