Stainless 20A 3ph

This model is available for outright purchase OR lease!

Developed for the food, fruit and dairy industries.

A variation of our standard 20A 3ph machine which has been in production for more than 12 years!

This model is used extensively by one of NZ’s largest dairy companies to hot-wash stainless steel components using harsh CIP (Clean-In-Place) chemicals.

Also proven to be popular in the fruit industry for specialised cleaning of process machinery.

This model has a 304SS tank which offers increased corrosion resistance.

Available for outright purchase, or lease with no deposit — options for all budgets

Save on labour by not paying staff to wash parts manually
Can be modified to suit your specific needs — we are the manufacturer, based here in NZ

GET IN TOUCH so we can help improve your process efficiencies!

Features of a Genium Stainless Parts Washer


  • Stainless-steel tank
  • Aqueous automated industrial parts cleaning machine
  • Large cleaning volume – load capacity: 760mm internal diameter x 800mm
  • Compact footprint
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Gantry loadable
  • Large digital display – shows wash time remaining
  • Adjustable wash temp/standby temp/wash time control
  • Self-diagnostic functions including low water level alert and more
  • Powerful element for quick warm-up
  • Stylish contemporary design, adding to the professional look of your shop
  • All non-stainless components can be easily removed and replaced


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